Friday, February 09, 2007

Best of the Blogs

Well folks! I'm little late in updates. As you know, I've genuine reasons. Other things were temporarily cornered when I was busy celebrating the most important event of my life ie marriage. Yes, I'm feeling over the moon and now I know the real meaning of the phrase "marital bliss."

Little late but here is my long piece that was published in Nepal Monitor on January 19. I was also featured in the youth mag Infotiser. Lack of things to come up with, here are some blogs that I consider among the best ones:

Sister Nirmala's Profile
A Boat Without Anchor: Meditation on Nepali politics (Seems still relevant)
Love Me Two Times: A V-Day blog


archana said...

Hi Deekak ji,

Your effort on “nepal monitor blogging article” is really appreciable.
Sister Nirmala's Profile is as usual very inspiring.
Manju shree’s website is so nice. It reflects her personality.

Thanks. :)

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