Sunday, November 12, 2006

Writing in the Best Way

Reporter's Notebook

If you are a journalist, you must be wondering on how to hone your writing skills. This recurring question has occupied my mind for some time now.

Lately, I have been spending much of my time searching for writing tools over the Net. Poynter Institute is the best place to start. Yesterday evening, I came across a moving story titled "Elegy for the king and queen" by Thomas French published on St Petersburg Times.

It dwells on two animals: a chimp and a tiger. More importantly, its about thier life and death. In Nepal, there are very few animal lovers. It is so because even humans are living in the gravest of the conditions.

But, this piece was a cliffhanger reading, it gripped me equally to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this 17 page long story. Thank you Tom for enlightening me.

I strongly recommend those who love writing to go through this piece and try applying some tips followed by Tom. Happy reading!


mahesh said...

Read Elegy for the king and queen last night, and I too was gripped by it all the way. Very simple and easy to follow writing, yet so complex in the emotions that it exhibits. Many thanks for letting us know of the story Deepak-ji.

1whocandie4u said...

Deepak Ji Thank u for commenting in my Blog. In fact, I am not in my regular place and because of zig-zag schedule, I am unable to comment upon anything. Being true to you, I have not read ur this post, but will follow ur contents on coming days. Take care hai.

1whocandie4u said...

Me back again in ur blog. Read ur blog but have to find out some suitable time to read 17 pages story and that tips. Hope they will be helpful for every one. and keep on blooging.
What u think (do u think) making some Nepali Blogging Union?