Saturday, April 22, 2006

I Blog, Therefore I am!

Reporter's Notenook

No, no... I'm not a big Descartes fan. But, when I took stock of myself in recent times, I found blogging has become an integral part of my life. It was adventurous too. As a reporter mainly running feature stories, that to some people are trivial issues, I would have never experienced the uprising. My colleagues did not fail to notice my newfound love. I was so engrossed in typing that they often left me while going for our lunch.

Wednesday evening, as 18-hour curfew was imposed, I decided to stay at office. I asked my brother to send a sleeping bag. Until the late night, I was gazing at the screen of the computer. The Kantipur milieu was abuzz with rumors. At around 12 o'clock on Wednesday, I slid inside the sleeping back, after long time I recall. As my colleagues were busy making calls, I recalled I didn't have many people to talk to. I don't enjoy the long gossipy conversations. So, I read Hindusthan Times, Times of India and finally hit the sack.

In the morning I woke up with hope and despair. I prepared a good cup of coffee at office, its smell spreading all over the room. As curfew was imposed, the cleaners didn't arrive. Whole day was spent melancholy, for the staffs could not make it to the office. Wednesday, our Administrative Head Mr. Kedar Shrestha informed about the free meal for the staffs at Kantipur Canteen. The previous night, Saroj and I went along with Kantipur TV staffs to have a nice dinner at a local bar. Then, the day was spent watching Kantipur TV, moderating the comments at UWB and updating every now and then. Thursday was obviously a big day.

Yesterday night, Rabindra of our regular haunt (hardly a restaurant, for it mainly serves homely food) prepared a delicious food. The shutter was closed as I along with Shekhar Sir, Raman Dai, Rajaram, Tilakji and Madhavji chatted, discussed on king's speech, received numerous SMSes (mobile is dead as I write this) and pondered over the future of our country. At 12 pm yesterday, as the curfew hour ended, I started my bike that wasn't used for a couple of days, and headed home. I drove in the brick scattered road. Ah, the charred remains of April Uprising.

Today morning was spent in cleaning myself because in haste, I didn't ask my brother to bring my toothbrush. Took shower, shaved and groomed for another day. Today, when I packed my bag, I put inside a brush so that my breath wouldn't stink even if I would have to stay here at office.

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You are simply superb, man!
Keep up the good work by informing people with your sexy pen.