Monday, April 17, 2006

Hectic Week

Last week turned out to be quite hectic for me. As the agitation intensified, I found posting one entry after another in UWB. More so, when our profilic blogger Dinesh is holidaying err.. travelling in the US.

But, I am getting the rare first hand account (here's the advantage of being a journo) of the ongoing protests.These days, at times I miss my lunch, tea-breaks are reduced to 2 or 3 from 5 times a day. I've posted 2 to 3 blogs a day. This is why I am absent from my own blog. But, guys like Avipsa/Avinashi, Zade and 1whocandie4u and finally the much awaited Miss Hysh kept it going. You guys really rock (to borrow Zade's phrase). Hey, it was real fun when you people somersaulted through mind boggling comments in my previous entry. It triggered an avalanche of furore. You all rendered it a must-visit blog (ha!)

Now you all knew that am an MA, I should take extra care with my writing. A burden indeed! Back to protests again. During these days, apart from invisible leaders, what I missed terribly is the urban tewnty something youths. Hey, RDB lovers, where are you? Why those who pop up at discos and dance parties can not hoits a flag, come to the srteet? Afterall, this is your country as well. I'll be upset if u ventured out of your cozy world only to celebrate... In fact going by things now, we are in the verge of victory. Let us keep fighting for our rights.


Avi said...

hats off man! u have done wonderful job, u know, despite that knee pain......when i went through ur blogs here n in uwb....u know i felt so releived, so proud, once again u have prooved ur mettle, i know its not easy to run around all those agitating place n report....n i m impressed by ur concern....i wish i cud be like u, u know, forgetting ur personal pain for the sake of loktantra........but ok just fine, its ur job too....

n nicely called upon n incited man!
i hate myself for not being actively(lets say physically) participated in the aandolan....u know, when ur own life is undergoing a huge conflict n agitation..u cannot go fight for ppl, here ur concren is ur own survival n existence n identity....n deepak i m not bold enough like u.... but i m really happy n satisfied by the way zade n hysh do opine bout these circumstances, they might or might not be in streets but they r just pulling strings from their opinions.....good job!
RDB! oh that was just koooooooooooool,the music...oh that makes me fly,n the messege, of course i9 was incited too.....but but is whar happens to u while u r busy planning sth else...hainata!

n of course, at last....just dont run like this ike a squirrel....give some time for urself too....remember the infamous slogan of notorious Avipsha LIVE UR LIFE TO ITS FULLEST.....just dont make ur weeks hectic like this (though i know it happens when ur country is facing shuch an awkward circumstance....)hope u get me.....
n keep on updating blogs more frequently n come up with much thoughtprovoking stuffs.
wishing u lucks

Plain Jane said...

Came up to ur site to read what u had to say abt the poems collected 'In love of America.' Enjoyed your analysis. Was glad to come across something that wasn't phony by somebody who thinks they have 'poerty up their sleeves.'

And congrats on earning ur MA. And luck with the fight! Might be coming to ur space often now. U're welcome to mine.