Sunday, January 29, 2006

TDTW or The Day That Was

Today I am thinking about writing a nice blog, but am ending with mediocre ideas. Many ideas pop up but noone is convincing. I am equally reminded of Descartes' famed dictum: Cogito ergo sum or blogito ergo sum or I blog therefore, I am. No, I am a multitasker. I am many rolled into one. So, can't say what or rather who really I am (Of course, I am a human being).

Well, today I read a wonderful article in The Kathmandu Post by Anuja Ghimire who dwells upon her homecoming. She apparently is studying in the US. Few days back, another similar article appeared in Nepal News that dealt with the woes and aspirations of Nepali students in the US. The latter was by Bhumika Ghimire (I guess, there's no relation between these Ghimire ladies). I also got her blog which she rarely updates. Another blog aptly titled Novice New Yorker by American lady of Korean origin is a good reading. Enjoy!

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Bhumika Ghimire said...

Thank u for reminding me about my blog..ya I rarely update it.I guess I have grown out of the blogging thing..just doesnot get me any more.Or may be it a young person thing..cannot stay focused on one can pick any reason.