Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In the Morning!

A Wayfarer's Waffle

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

We all read these lines in our school days. And, as time passed by, it went to our collective unconscious. I confess: I'm not an early bird. Lately, as my love handles began to increase (not my love, of course), I realized that I should do something before its too late. I found out that my colleague, sport reporter Dinesh Jung Shah goes jogging every morning. As he lives nearby at Ghattekulo, I jumped in the fray. And then, alarm of my mobile suddenly started beeping.

Then began this unusual routine: wake up early at 6:30 in the chilling mornings, get ready to go, wait for Dinesh for 5-10 minutes at Ghattekulo chowk and then start jogging. Sometimes in foggy mornings, every other wayfarer is unrecognizable, his/her face covered to save from cold, plus two students clad in their uniform, milk vendors supplying milk to the city dwellers living in their cozy flats, vegetable sellers preparing to woo the customers. Morning has its own life. I'm sorry for my mate Dinesh who misses this "wee hues of life."

After a round around Anamnagar, Babar Mahal, Thapagaun, we retrace back to Ghattekulo at around 7:30 am and take tea. We chat about our daily lives, our dreams and destinations. As I started waking up early morning, I found a number of advantages. The day will turn up pretty long, you can plan your day quite well and last but not the least, you become healthy. Health is wealth, so the saying goes!

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