Monday, January 09, 2006

Au Revoir, Sudheer!

Sudheer is seated in 5th seat from left row and I am in third (right). Rest are Nepal Team. Pic courtesy Rajesh KC

In fact, I wanted to write this blog yesterday, but got time only today. Like my blog, it was a belated farewell gathering for our ex-editor Sudheer Sharma. A jolly good Sudheer arrived a tad later. It was a gathering of familiar faces, familiar guffs and a usual ambience of Rosemary Cafe where we bade adieu to Chandra Khatiwada, Nepal Weekly 's Layout Designer who is now in New York, US.

Back to Rosemary. We chatted about our new Editor Kishor Nepal, his plan to give a new look to Nepal Weekly and our anxieties. It's always tough to accommodate with change and that's exactly what is happening with us. But, what I believe is its always fun as well as challenge working with new people. While I was in McDonald's, I faced my toughest boss in Anwar Sabba, a Lebanese hunk. He was a terror, he used to crack jokes on us, give numerous tasks and always downplayed our capacity. But, it never deterred me. I kept on doing what I believe was right. Once, during my working hour, I was caught by him while reading Gulf News daily. At times, I worked for 14 hours a day. Gone are the days. But, here at my office in Kantipur, I found Sudheer a workaholic. He used to work from 8-9 am to late till night. His zeal and capacity to work hard, without taking coffee or tea break (which I am accustomed) is really applaudable. In farewell program, we presented a wonderful gift in the form of a banner replete with the covers of magazines he edited. It is the most memorable gift an editor can receive from his ex-subordinates. Sudheer left without shedding tears. His name translates as "a person with patience."

Well done Sudheer. Au revoir!

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