Thursday, January 05, 2006

Identity Crisis?

Last few days, I was busy with collecting money sent by my uncles from eastern Nepal. My brother is applying for a student visa for Ireland and I, as his guardian, am busy arranging for his application. During this money collection spree, I ran into few ladies who after I showed my citizenship card (pic), frowned at me and threw an air of disbelief. After my makeover in a salon recently, people are reacting in strange ways. Some say I look like a gay, others simply quip: "Oh, you look great." At times, I forget my new hairdo and am baffled by people's comments.

Recently, in a private bank, the lady in the reception was attributing my citizenship card to my brother. In a gold shop near my residence at Ghattekulo, the lady in charge scrutinized the card and asked me if I were the same chap. I retorted that it's almost one and half decade old and I've undergone a sea-change. I prepared that card in 1992. After some 14 years, I look entirely different and my card's pic needs to be changed. Now-a-days, my country's king is in his state visit in my hometown, Phidim, Panchthar. It's been three years since I stepped there last time and am not going anytime soon. I have to travel all the way to Phidim to change my pic.Notice that in my old pic, am wearing my national Nepali traditional cap that my country folks (esp. oldies and village folks) are wearing since time immemorial. I had worn that cap only in couple of occasions. It is better than the baseball cap, but I can not think of wearing it again.

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