Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here I Am!

I am the most authentic person on earth to dwell upon myself. Or so I believe. However, as a journalist accustomed in portraying others on words, I realized that jotting down about oneself can be tough too.

I would like to describe myself as a fun loving, pleasure seeking and adorable man of letters in his early thirty. I am happy being a hack which is why I term my brief non-journalistic stint in UAE as less funny and more learning-lessons-of-life odyssey.

I love three things most: Books in English, Hindi songs and Nepali food. Writing for me is both passion and profession. Of late, blog has become my favorite e-hanging out spot with like-minded people.

I confess: I am an avid collector of aphorisms. I offer one by EM Forster: "There are many types of failures, some of which succeed." Add to that, Henry Ford consoles any crestfallen person: "Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently." In a nutshell, there is no dearth of failures in life, but I am never afraid of those. Politically speaking, ditto with UWB, I am an ardent supporter of democracy. Apart from this, I don't wear any dogmatic hues, so I don't have any axe to grind.

I am never tired of serenading, reading and treading. Moreover, I am an artful voyeur; you may discover me peeking through hmm …Okay, forget about it.

Ending with John Lennon: "Reality leaves a lot to imagination." So, here I leave ample space for you to indulge in imagination about me. Cheers!

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