Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A House For an Unknown Nepali Citizen

Ideas and Images

I was aghast to behold this photo in the front page of Kantipur daily few days back.I silently thanked young and energetic photojournalist Shailendra Kharel whom I briefly befriended before his departure to Nepalgunj few weeks back. He was full with enthusiasm but a bit frustrated with working environment.

This photo, for me, epitomizes the situation of our nation. They say, a pic speaks thousand words. Kudos to you Shailendra for grasping the rare moment and depicting what words might have failed!

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John Narayan Parajuli said...

Deepak dai, very well said! Our country's situation is as if a hurricane just pass through. Indeed our political and social hurricanes were brewing for a while--in the sea of petty politics morbid myopia of both our leaders and we as a society.
Here is the price that is being exacted.