Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nepal at a Historic Juncture

On April 10, just three days before the new year 2065, Nepalis are voting for constituent assembly elections. I feel a bit sad about it—that I am eight thousand miles away from my country.

The election seems to be marked by violence. Here’s a round up on news on Nepal:

On April 6, I wrote a piece for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette where I’m spending five months as an Alfred Friendly Fellow.

It’s very rare that Nepal makes front page news in New York Times. In today’s Times, you find a story by Somini Sengupta who is covering the election.

Former US president Jimmy Carter is in Nepal spearheading an international monitoring team.

Even Indian media like NDTV are thronging to Nepal; talking about the end of monarchy.

Sanjay Singh of Indian Express has a beautiful story on Indo-Nepal border in the light of election.

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