Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Birth place, Bungy and Blvd of the Allies

These three have one thing in common: river. My birthplace and hometown Phidim, a small and idyllic hill station in eastern Nepal, is a place of three rivers: Hewa, Pheme and Tamor. Boulevard of the Allies, where the Post-Gazette office is, happens to be near the confluence of two rivers. (Forgive me if I'm talking too much about rivers, but I can't help it).

Ah, the bungy! I did'nt make it but I have written a travel piece on a bungy jumping tour. Here for the links to the photos. As you can see, the bungy in Nepal is in the natural surrounding above a river!

It's been nearly a month, I'm in the Steeler's city, but there's not a single moment of boredom (Despite the fact that single people often complain about Pittsburgh not being hip and happening). I usually get bored with things very soon (blame my short attention span) but Pittsburgh has been fascinating me since day one. Perhaps, because it is so similar to my hometown in terms of geography and obviously river (sorry folks, I don't have a photo to share).

Perhaps the title of this blog should be Feeling at Home in Pittsburgh!

In Washington, DC, I met my buddy Ganesh Timalsena who's been living in the US for more than a decade. He's settled here with a nice job, a caring wife and a lovely daughter. We talked till late night about our hometown Phidim. A slice of nostalgia engulfed us as we talked about our childhood days; we went to the same school and did the same sets of peccadilloes. Strangely, the golden phase of our lives began to reverberate in his apartment in Virginia. At midnight, after emptying many pegs of whiskey, we were already drunk and decided to hit the sack.

On the second week of my arrival, my mentor Greg Victor took me to watch Pirates at PNC stadium which I pass by every day on my way to office. Nikhil and Peter, Greg and Rekha's wonderful sons were also there. To me the baseball match looked similar to cricket (I am not a fan of cricket, either). Nikhil was at pain to explain the score and later I ceased to ask any more nonsense question. Before the match, Greg had told me: You will see many drunk Americans today. True to his prediction, one young guy was able to draw attention of many viewers through his idiosyncrasies. At times, his gestures turned out to be more attractive than the match. Pirates won against Cincinnati Reds (Greg was in dilemma whether to support home team Reds or local team Pirates) and we came out, a bit tipsy with beer. Food was in abundance in the stadium and it seemed that people not only came to watch the match but also to eat. A food for thought, indeed.

Credit for making my stay a pleasant experience also goes to Nepali folks in Pittsburgh. Thank you Sanjay Dai, Sureshji, James Dai et al. I was not prepared for this. I did not know that there is a vibrant Nepali community in the city. I've already written a story about their reaction to the election in Nepal. They also have a football team and I'm going to watch some of their games.


Matt R. said...

I enjoyed this post. I loved your perspective of the drunk guy with "idiosyncrasies" at the game.

Ivan said...

Hi, buddy. My hometown also has a river. But it is so sad that it has been badly polluted.

Katie Ravenel said...

What a great article in the Post Gazette about bungeejumping! I went once in Switzerland and I was certain I was going to die. I have a picture of the moment I jumped and it is absolutely hysterical. Glad I did it but I won't do it again. Maybe I will have to go to this part of Nepal to try the "swing".

Keep up the good work!

Administrator said...

so deepak jee you are living in most polluted city?
लसएन्जल्स/ क्यालिफोर्निया बाहिरको सहर पिट्सवर्गले संयुक्तराज्य अमेरिकाको सबैभन्दा धुवाँयुक्त सहरको दर्जा पाएको छ । अमेरिकी लंग एसोसिएसनले सबैभन्दा प्रदूषणयुक्त सहर निर्धारण गर्न अपनाएको वर्गीकरणपछि यो सहरले सो दर्जा पाएको हो । लसएन्जल्स सर्वत्र प्रदूषणव्याप्त सहरका रूपमा यस पटक पनि पर्‍यो । छिट्टै हटेर जाने प्रदूषण वा धुवाँ मापनमा पिट्सवर्ग लसएन्जल्सलाई उछिनेर अगााडि आएको छ । एसोसिएसनका अनुसार मुलुककै लामो अवधिसम्म धुवाँ फ्याँकिरहने शहरको रुपमा चिनिएको लस एन्जल्सले प्रदूषणको मात्रा घटाउन कडा कदम चालेका कारण त्यस सहरमा प्रदूषण धेरै कटौती भएको छ ।

Deepak Adhikari said...

Thanks for the comment. Even my newspaper ran a front page story on Pittsburgh being the most "polluted city". check it out here:

But, when u compare with Kathmandu which is one of the most polluted cities in the world, I've found Pittsburgh clean and beautiful.

smear_route said...

deepak ji,
great to see that another Nepali is having fun in Pitt. I've been eager to meet more Nepalese folks in the city as I recently moved here after college. How should a fellow Nepali reach you?
Thanks in advance.

deepak said...

Hi smear route,

There could not have been better time to contact nepali community in Pittsburgh. We are planning a picnic coming Sunday or next. So, drop me an email at I will be happy to help you connect.

Njoy Pittsburgh!