Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early Days in Washington

Spring is in the air in Washington. The other day, Katie wowed when she saw a few flowers blooming at Lucinda's courtyard where we went for lunch during the very first day of our fellowship program.

Surprisingly, I am not homesick. The so-called jet-lag it seems is only for frequent flyers. At the outset, Umar, a Fellow from Pakistan gave me company; we went for food together because both of us liked Indian food. Ah, a Pakistani and a Nepali looking for Indian food in Washington! But soon like a promiscuous lady, I changed my partner. In Samuel Siringi of Kenya, I found a person full of sense of humor and we clicked very easily. The other day, he said: Do you know why I brought a few copies of my home newspaper with my byline in it? To prove that we are not sweepers back home.

It was at Lucinda's that I laughed wholeheartedly. Susan joined us wondering what made me laugh so loudly. I said I must have smiled a lot but that was the first time I broke into the peals of laughter after coming here.

My only problem in Washington is I don't know the city. But this is also a blessing in disguise. I can explore it. But I am also afraid of getting lost in the capital of the world err the US. Recently, I read an article in The Economist that talked about upcoming mayoral election in two great cities of the world: London and Paris. I think these cities are truly the capitals of the world.

Anyways, the days are passing by. I feel a little lonely in my room but I try to get rid of it by calling Nepali friends here and of course my betterhalf back home. My friends and colleagues have been generous enough to drop me few lines every now and then. Few days back, my friend Dinesh Wagle responded to my mail. His title was: Washinton memo. I was delighted to hear that.Time magazine runs a brief news column under that title. By the way, we are attending a press briefing at State Department on March 24. I eagerly look forward to that occasion.

The first day at AFPF office, Katie mentioned that Dr. Gary Weaver is a fantastic cross cultural expert. He definitely proved to be one. His lecture on American culture was awesome. Nowadays, we are attending a journalism seminar by Reginald Stuart of McClatchy newspapers. We have a dinner party at Newseum. I very much look forward to it.


dev said...

Just congratulations and greetings la !

Ujjwal Acharya said...

Great to know that you are enjoying and not homesick, well that I believe can start a few weeks later.

Keep us updated about yourself.

Deelip K said...