Saturday, December 15, 2007

Funny Searches through Google

Strange as it may sound but people of different hues end up here for various reasons. Here's another round up from Google searches (with annotation).

desi kamasutra (I've never read kamasutra, forget about desi stuff)

Yubaraj ghimire indian express (I know he occasionally writes for that daily)

Journalist Sudhir Sharma email (Please mail me, I can provide it to you)

deepak showup (I'm Deepak Adhikari not Deepak Swarup er showup!)

wife of Dr. Palani Ravichandran (I vaugely know Dr. Ravichandran, a kidney kingpin, forget about his wife who must have been suffering after his arrest: read the post below)

early morning jog preparation (I used to jog till six months ago, but can't even think of it in this shivering Kathmandu winter)

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KK said...

It was fun reading this entry. few days ago i too had posted about some Google keywords.