Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Visit to Bhotekoshi

It was a much-awaited outing. We, the Nepal Weekly team, went for an adventurous journey to Bhotekoshi, the place where bungy jumping takes place. We camped at the Last Resort, drank a lot whiskey and beer and sang and danced amid camp firing. It was a superb outing. The memories are still lingering. What could be a better way than portraying it in pictures!

Kickstarting the picnic: The first breakfast after reaching the Last Resort at Bhotekoshi

Hungry Journos: See the plates are empty!

While my guitar gently weeps: An unlikely guitarist Bikash Karki, Shailendra (with cap) and me

Canyoning Relaxing Trekking: What not!

Photo-Op for a photojournalist Shailendra Kharel

Hey he's missing a tune, Bikash seems to say

Enjoying breakfast after a splendid nocturnal lull

Brave People: Bungy jumpers and swingers with Bungy master (in orange T-shirt)

Those who did not dare to jump (including me)

Swinging doesn't look as easy as editing: Nepal Editor Sudheer Sharma readies for a swing

Heading Home: But there was a brief hiatus at Khothe, Sindhupalchok

Hello world, Here I am: Some Deepak portraits will follow:

Pointing to the bungy spot

After swinging, slitting a he goat (khasi) was Shaligram Tiwari's much boasted adventure (He goat courtesy: Bikash Karki)

Aftermath of a goat slitting

Journos in a different role

Bikash Karki in a new role

All the picnicers


Anonymous said...

Bahut Majja Aayoo yaar! Photo herda nai!

Anonymous said...

Deepak Jee,
Nice reading.
Greetings for Tihar.


Prajwol said...

Esto po ta picnic, I'm jealous :D

migrendra said...

Deepak Ji,

I really miss such kind pinic. Your enjoyment is great ani lekhai ko tarif chha hai tapailai.


Nepali Akash said...

Hmm khasi and bungie !!
By the way, did the Khasi do the bungie as well ? wink wink !!

Kanchan Adhikari said...

Deepak Dai I really missed it.k bhanu ra khoi nadaki kan picnic janelai................................
Babalko majja aayo jasto 6 ni hai. photo herda and caption padda ta.

Anonymous said...

What a gory picture of goat slaughter!
It doesnot look like the act of 'slitting' as described. It is more of a 'chopping' than slitting.

kishor said...

looks like you had a good day.
Thanks for sharing your pic

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