Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dashain Greetings

I'm heading home on Monday to celebrate Dashain. Given the mess our leaders have created, I'm not in a celebration mood. But, as they say, you got to pretend as if you are jolly good. So, I receive tika, eat deliciosu food prepared by my mom esp pakku; talk to my family members and return back to Kathmandu. Dashain has become humdrum as life itself. Someone inside me says: hey Deepak, you gotta reinvent yourself! Ah reinvent, what a beautiful word!

This year's Dashain, however, is a bit different for me because am going to my in-laws. For starters to this blog, I got married last February and am enjoying the conjugal love. My better half had already gone home (short separation). I have Tom Friedman's The World is Flat with me as my Dashain reading. Coincidently, am reading it in eastern Tarai ( a flat land indeed). But, unfortunately, the Tarai we used to live and love (I've spent a good number of years in Tarai while was born and grew up in Phidim, a backwater town that serves as a headquaters of Panchthar in eastern hills)is no longer the same. The hitherto harmony has collapsed and we see Limbuwan, Madhesi, Pahade, Chure-Bhawar activists fighting with one another.

It's been four years since I went to my birth place. I wonder if I can make it to that place this time. But, I don't plan because plan usually fails!

Happy Dashain to you all. Eat, drink and make merry, Dashain is for epicureans!


Keshuvko said...

Happy Dashain, dude!

It's first Dashain of your conjugal life. So it should be more than usual for you. So best of luck!

Just use the Dakshina out ther for novel cause; not for gambling .:)

Yes, Dashain is only for epicureans. So it's not for me. I don't enjoy this sanguivorous festival.

Anyways, best of luck for your Saruali-maa-pahilo-Dashain.

Prajwol said...

Happy Dashain to you....

Definitely more 'Dakshina' this year for you. :)

Keshav I think it will be a nice read if he post his Sasurali ma pahilo Dashain experience :)

nepalsites said...

Happy Dashain. hope u have a wonderful time.

Hayah said...

Bijaya Dashami to u Deepak ji! Hope ul still be in the blogposhere!

keshuvko said...

Your experience in Sasuraali-maa-pahilo Dashain pls :)

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