Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Through Google

This happens to be my 101th post since I started the blog in January 2006. So, what could be a better way than citing examples of how people ended up in my blog. A cursory glance at the search words/phrases hints you at people's obsession with sex. I remember one or two among 100 posts were related to sex. But, look at this...

i want arabia porn movies & bloged

happy bon voyage

Nepal, cabin restaurants

deshi kamasutra indian sex stories

quotes at a farewell for office colleague

subaltern in nepal

Inheritance of Loss

kathmandu cabin restaurant stories

neppal sex

hero honda show room kathmandu

the palpasa cafe

bhinaju sex story


Prajwol said...

The last one seems to be very funny :)

Anonymous said...

By writing on sex theme, do you think you did worng? I think you cannot go away from sex.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude. I just wanted to tell you that I'm getting tons of spam because of you incorrectly listing your email address on another blog. B - Logan - @ Gmail . com -- please don't list that as your email address in the future!

Thanks and good luck with things.

Me said...

so true.
In my wordpress, i get many spam comments... all promoting porn sites....

And many oraganic vistiors reach the site while searching sex related stuff. As if mine is a porn site...

I guess, the person was searching "Bhijanju ko Sweater" by Poshan Pande. :0

alex said...

We must, however, interpret in greater detail; the Rotunda is the buttock which is regularly associated by the child with the genital, the smaller front structure is the scrotum.. In other dreams there is no such action; not even an attempt is made to bring about order and meaning...