Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Nepal Hits the Stands

The new issue of Nepal Weekly newsmagazine hit the newsstands today. But, the moment could not have been more ironic–at a time this magazine is in market with the new designs and a new editor, there is valley bandh going on.

I meet and interact with many people. When I talk about my magazine, they often tell me that they have heard of it for the first time. So, our magazine, honestly, is going through identity crisis or the brand value to use the term of newly appointed editor Sudheer Sharma.

The old masthead has been revived and the layout looks attractive (forgive me for commenting on the work which I'm part of, but as there's no one to do this, I ventured out). There are few new columns and the old glory we had with this magazine seems to be in the process of regaining. As an avid reader of newsmagazines, I look forward to a quality newsmagazine from Nepal. And, I believe we can deliver the one Nepali readers are long waiting for.


Rinche said...

You site has some problem. After a week, it opened in my computer.

Since other sites easy open, I presume that my computer is okay.
If I am not wrong, it's problem with your template.

Not only yours, other sites with this template do not open with ease.

Why don't you change it?

Salik said...

I think the problem's not with the template- but with the connection with Rinche.

And sure- the new looks appeals.

Nepali Akash said...

Im off the topic but folks lets poll if Vahsek should quit. Go to

and vote on the polling on top of the page.

basanta said...

दीपकजी, 'नेपाल'ले एकचोटि इण्टरनेटमा .pdf पेजहरु राख्नलाग्या थियो हैन भन्या? केहि दिन देखेको थें, पछि राखिएन, किन होला?