Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog is Ten Year Young!

If there are women's day, human right day, elderly person's day, children's day, even April fool's day, then why not a blog's day?

As I read a piece in Guardian by Bobbie Johnson about blog's 10th anniversary this month, I thought it must be a blog's day (but not officially yet). In a moving feature story, Guardian's technology correspondent Johnson starts his piece:

"Check this out. Amazing!" It took just a brief sentence, and after those four words a revolution followed.

According to him, Scripting News by Dave Winer was the first blog that sprang up in April 1997.

Now, there are 70 millions blog, around 1.5 million posts being published every minute. Read the full article here. Also, check this out.

Nepali bloggers, after a decade of this revolution in the US, are heading for another revolutionary idea. Find out the new buzz in town here.


bhupen said...

Happy Birth Day to you.
Happy Birth Day To you.
Happy Birth Day.......
http://deepakadk.blogspot.com !!
Happy Birth Day To you!!

Congratulations Deepak!

It's me bhupen or ruben, call me what ever you like, a joker..

you will say, what? who ? well, your reader!

good day!
come on you all Nepali bloggers, bring some tourists to Nepal this year, will you please ????

Anonymous said...

Blogging day ko lagi kunai naya karyakram 6 ki?

Utshab Pokhrel said...

Well deepak bro, i am agree with ur idea of the blog day. Let's have to put the proposal of the blog day in our next meeting. Hmmmm Nepali Blog Day. Although there is no holiday on this day, we can celebrate it specially ourselves taking personal leave from other duties.

vikrant said...

happybirht day and new year