Thursday, March 15, 2007

Corruption in the Court

Nepali journalists are practicing the old craft of investigative journalism, it seems. After the shocking story on the child adoption racket, there is another spine-chilling report of rampant corruption in the court. The report prepared by veteran journalist and vice chairman of FNJ, Shiva Gaunle says:

Himal has found a CD which unravels how corruption takes place in the Supreme Court and who are involved in it. After hearing the CD, one feels: Chief Justice (Dilip Kumar Paudel) is involved in assigning judges in the said bench and the office workers openly talk about bribery with the judges.

One can hear the CD after downloading it from Himal's official site. The conversation is between Baburam Dahal, erstwhile Section Officer of Supreme Court and Rajesh Shakya, a petitioner who succeeded in bribing the judges but failed to get the verdict in his favor.

Interestingly, this March 15-29 issue of the fortnightly also has an in-depth coverage on cross Indo-Nepal border crime. It's a must read. The child adoption scoop was also run by Himal Media's sister publication Nepali Times. Himal is shaking the complacency of the corrupt and inefficient state mechanism. It is a hallmark of the rarely found investigative stories in Nepali media. Hats off to Himal!

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Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

Thanks deepak ji for that comment. I appreciate that and hope for more. As I am a beginner blogger, it is my just a starting and i know i m not as much experienced as other but i try my best to do well in this field. BTW, the new of corruption is really a bad story to the whole Nepali. The place from where we are expecting the justice is like that then how can we expect the better results. There might be so many like these that it is like unstopable. Anyway Happy Blogging!