Sunday, February 18, 2007

Second Blogmeet

Having missed the first blogmeet a month ago, I was on tenterhooks to attend the second one this Saturday. Ujjwal and I planned to go together. If you drive in Kathmandu, you know what the hell traffic is. In Thapathali, near the meeting venue, a taxi nearly hit us but we were luckily saved, for blog's sake!

The rainwater had filled the potholes making me unable to give way to the taxi in that narrow alley. I pondered over this: We bloggers talk about making our voice heard in world arena, we use the 21st century technology while we trudge through the grim realities of third world. It's ironical that living in a third world, we boast of a first world medium called blog. But as the cliché goes: technology defies boundaries.

Pleasantries over, the session kicked off with Ujjwal's unusual announcement: this is unblogable… Be it as it may. So, there emerged plans, agendas and more importantly the "can-do" attitude. Plans aside, what impressed me was Nepali bloggers' willingness to interact. The meeting was not over even after it's conclusion was announced. The best part for me was my trysts with hitherto invisible or barely visible bloggers in person. We have read them a lot, but haven't seen face to face! There was Utsab,presumably a new kid in the block. I had linked his Valentine post in my recent entry.

Similarly, Keshav a hitherto mysterious looking figure turned out to be amiable. I asked him the very question that must have haunted him like a ghost. Why is your beard and hair so long, fella? He smiles, I know he has been asked this before. "Coz I don't shave." I noticed he has been repeating this answer since ages. No, a journo is never satisfied with such tricky answer. And, Keshav, an ex-scribe, knows this too well. To probe is our profession. He finally divulged that he is a naturalist. So, he has been savoring this gift of nature. Or, has he? Mr. Keshav, for your kind information, is a Masters level student of Microbilology. It's something I have never understood why biology has to be studied in micro level! Ah, ignorance is bliss. Here is my take on Keshav: he looks less like a blogger and more like a sadhu. Phew, I devoted whole paragraph trying to unravel the mystery called Keshav!

Two female bloggers often clung to each other as if our male milieu was an alien territory. Nevertheless, they duly represented the other half of humanity and gave one or two noteworthy suggestions.

I had seen Tajim's photo in his blog but Tajim in flesh and blood was entirely different. Utsab was telling me I looked different from the pic in my blog. No comments… Did someone say pictures are always beautiful than the real persons?

KP joined a tad later while Umesh showed up towards the end. So did Shailendra and Tapas. Hey, how can I forget Mr Harsha? He was an early bird because his office Martin Chautari is just stone's throw away.

I often thought that blogging will be limited in virtual space that we have created and at the end of the day you relish your own writing and the comments from the readers. Now, I know how wrong I was. Here we were a bunch of Nepali bloggers discussing passionately, planning our moves and future courses, sharing experiences. If you also are a blogger, don't miss the rendezvous. Be there at Freedom Forum, Thapathali, near Martin Chautari, in the first Saturday of every Nepali month. Don't worry, complimentary cups of tea will be served. See you there.


zade said...

Nice read . A real entry ;) from you in a real long time i would was like getting re-acquainted with your kool writing style once again. You've put the meeting in a real interesting way, padhai majja lagyo :)
n for the two FEMALE BLOGGERS huddling together and this part:

"as if our male milieu was an alien territory. "

well, i would say not every blogger other than the female ones were acting as if the Territory was Not alien to them...and it wasn't the males that made the territory alien to me but more of what they talked in my case oviously. You were talking more about journalism than blogs in later part of the discussion while I wasn't being able to make anything about it..I think that's one thing which because of which I don't feel like being in such "Blog" meetings and a part of the "BLOG GANG OF NEPAL" as most have a journalisM background and tehi ta ho ni tal...( whatever you make out of it)

but i didn't like the use of the word "duly" presented their views in the entry..too as if we were some gyani bachhas who went there to...answer some questions to the ones who were there to TEST our abilities...

well, that's My dui paise view on this... But again I have to admit..enjoyed reading ( as you finally gave us the opportunity through this entry) your writing.

Deepak Adhikari said...

Thanks for the comment, Zade. After a long time, I got a comment that is worth replying. I also discovered that my writing is kool. Thanks indeed for the compliment, that too coming from Nepali blog's female trailblazer, Zade.

You paraphrased my phrase "clung to eachother" for "huddling." Now, I think urs is a less derogatory term, though I belive mine was just to intensify the write up. Anyway, words have life of their own, let us not dwell on this much.

On talking about more on journalism: You as a blogger and an Op-Ed writer of Kantipur Daily, are also a journalist. In this age of citizen journalism, everyone is a journalist. I agree with you that most of the bloggers are also journalists. But, I can't help it; even in the West and in India majority of bloggers are journalists. The discussion diverted towards journalism not because of me but someone raised the issue of Nepali media not being critical regarding political issues.

Your dislike towards "BLOG GANG OF NEPAL" is not entirely illogical. I also initially frowned upon the idea of BLOGAN. but that seems to be the process of evolution which we can not avoid.So, United We Blog, United We Stand! Therefore, I hail the BLOGAN though am not sure how much time I can devote for it's cause.

On your second last para: You quoted me in wrong way. I wrote: "Nevertheless, they duly represented the other half of humanity and gave one or two noteworthy suggestions."

In this line, you can see the respect for the fairer sex. Not even a trace of trivializing (if that is the right word). Both of your presence was a welcome sign and would look forward to it more and more...

Tajim said...


zade said...

Let me start from something that isn’t so grave as trivializing this and that. BLOG GANG sounds more or less like BLOG AN . doesn’t it? May be I will stick to saying I am a member of the Gang now. Sounds more relaxed and easier to relate to.I agree to your thoughts about how much time we can devote to its cause and all. Still the notion of United We Stand To Blog is lot more than only appealing.

Now let me go into your statements in the first para . I think “Trailblaizer” is overdoing whatever little I have done in the blogosphere. I am thankful,and may be should take it as a compliment too but can’t. Still I am both humbled and encouraged.
And “everyone is a journalist” isn’t a convincing reason at least in our context. For my articles being published in Open-ed or whatever I would rather be labeled as a contributor to a newspaper now and then than a journalist. Lekchu, luckily the newspaper people like it I guess and gets published..

The diversion of talks to “bloggers not talking of political issues” in the meeting, yah I know you didn’t bring it up. And can’t help most are from a journalism background too. But I would like to say something more about that( which I didn’t in the meeting but I think you were saying the same then) is that Bloggers are diverse people only related by an act they love to do so , basically ppl who love to rant and scribble about just anything that comes to their mind so there is no point in arguing who should have blogged about what. Now if every blogger was running a UWB like blog then it would be something but as a student only not a journo I cannot relate to talks which say I should be analyzing terai issues this and that as if it were a blogger’s Duty. And times like that I feel: well, this isn’t the gang where I belong. I think one thing, the bloggers have failed to understand is the diverse composition of Bloggers in it. We can’t set norms in this virtual existence of ours.

Now moving to your "Nevertheless, they duly represented the other half of humanity and gave one or two noteworthy suggestions." I still don’t feel the statement is respecting the presence of female bloggers with the use of words like ‘ duly represented( as though it was a DUTY)’ and “Gave one or two NOTEWORTHY suggestions” which makes it sound as if “ la la yini haru pani kam ka kura garda rahechan, buddi rahecha” kind of sentiment. Well, that’s what I felt. Its after all wordplay isn’t it? And I don’t expect to be winning a debate on the clever use of words by a journalist for sure!
Nevertheless this statement of yours is BETTER and I hope represent exactly what you want to say “Both of your presence was a welcome sign and would look forward to it more and more...”

vahsek said...

(I love not to add jee, if you don't mind.)

Nice post in deed.






(the line following is:

sristi anusaar ko pradarshan) lol

Vahsek's Ramblings!

Hayah said...

Wow! Quite a debate going on!

hey Deepak...long time no see!! well actually, my bad, I didnt venture out to see the action sooner enough. I heard the meeting went quite well. Sorry I missed it! Maybe bext time.

Seems like the bloggers in Nepal are getting up to jist and kickin up some action!! I just discovered many ntresting blogs from ur links.

Nway! keep the it happening!

vahsek said...

Though an advacoteur of encouraging non-journalism background bloggers, I trod in to journalism stuff during discussion.


Next time on let's not forget that there are other bloggers who feel secluded when only journalists blow their trumpet.
One more thing, via blogging why not to encourage creative writers?

vahsek said...

Though an advacoteur of encouraging non-journalism background bloggers, I trod in to journalism stuff during discussion.


Next time on let's not forget that there are other bloggers who feel secluded when only journalists blow their trumpet.
One more thing, via blogging why not to encourage creative writers?

archana said...

Dear Deepak Jee,

I would like to thank and appreciate towards an effective matter on Women on IT on a very recent issue on Nepal. I have a strong feeling that this would definately help and motivate women towards ICT. I believe every newspaper and magazines should focus on this matter to make Nepal comeforward on technological aspects rather than exposing girls in the magazine as a model, which i beleive would not contribute anything to the development of the country and even not motivate those women who are striving hard to comeforward with their knowledge which they have pursued through their hard labour. Once again i am indebted towards your contribution on women on ICT.

By the way , I am happy to read all of your active participation on BLOGAN. :)


Rosha said...

i missed the gathering coz I was not feeling well that day..But I am happy to admit that I attened first meeting(I was only a lady blogger then!!))
I wont spare next moment ...c ya all there! said...

Best of luck for the association..!!

I hope its active still.