Sunday, December 17, 2006

A bit of Nostalgia

While Dinesh told me that he has dug up (discovered indeed but given the labour, digging seems the right word) the lost and forgotton blogs in the debries of internet, I felt like a man who stumbles upon a diamond minefield but is unsure of what to do. Today, when I was toying with an idea of a new blog entry, I realised it would be great if I could make use of this archival minefield. Thanks indeed to the cracker (not hacker!) who dared to delete it forever.

Here are some of the best posts that some of you may have never read. Sorry for the repetition for the blog's old readers. Noteworthy are the comments by erudite readers that render the blog less readable than the comments. Thanks for your meaningful words.

This piece aptly titled Hi Handsome! Hello Handsome! was written after I had gone an image makeover in a unisex salon. Recently, when I spoke to a lady, she conjured up an image of a journalist as a bearded, lean and thin and a mysterious man. Happy reading!

We relish (even today) cups of tea prepared by a tea-genius from Dolakha. Read this piece for more hilarity.

Sex blog that triggered much outrage apparently due to the photo session where two models posed. Sorry that I could not retrieve the pics.

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Abhipsa said...

Nostalgic indeed !