Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who Reads my Blog?

I started this blog keeping in mind that I'm the best reader of these personal vignettes. I also assumed that my friends and colleagues would spare a few minutes for me.

However, it has expanded its sphere, albeit in a slow pace. Now, I can gauge its scope, thanks to site meter. Since I installed it at the bottom of the blog, I eagerly follow the traffic to my blogsite.

Visitors came across my site mainly through the links provided by fellow bloggers. KP Dhungana's Hamro Blog is one of chief sources. Thank you, KP; I haven't been able to reciprocate you. Others like Zade, Dinesh, Ujjwal, Shailendra and Mahesh have provided with generous links to my blog.

Scrolling the traffic in site meter, I found that people run into my blog also by searching for Palpasa Cafe, a novel by journalist Narayan Wagle. After reading his debut novel, I wrote a brief review for UWB but Ujjwal preceded me. So, I posted it in comment section of UWB, and later here.

One captive reader has been my ex-girlfriend. It's heartening to note how blog has bridged us even months after our separation. Few friends abroad are also regular visitors (Nischal, I believe you are reading this).

Recently, my colleague Dineshjung Shah returned from the US. He told me of a Jhapali guy who was curious to know about me. He read a blog I had written a year ago after receiving  Dashain tika from my grandparents in Dudhe, Jhapa. He might have come across my blog through a Google search.

Big names definitely draw big traffic. That's why sometimes I'm tempted to write about Madonna, Britney, and Beckham. But, I would like to keep this blog low-profile. I would like to write things that have the urgency to divulge to my quality-readers.

It has been ten months I started blogging here (I'll surely write an anniversary blog). At times, I'm languid, won't blog for more than a month–often telling myself–no one reads this rubbish that hovers around the life of a hack. But, gradually I've discovered the meaning of writing about self. It's a journey to the self!


mp524 said...

Deepak-ji, your blog posts are always a joy to read, and I for one read your entries probably minutes after it appears online thanks to RSS feed. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

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Say na Something said...

I read your blog. it's nice to read and find new word to me.
but yes sometimes when you don't get commnet you can't believe that someone who does not like to do comment may have been reading your blog.
I believe so hai?!
Keep writing.

Uzz said...

At least friends always read your blog. Keep on Deepak.

Blogle said...

After this, Deepak, why don't you write about how much time we spend in tea shop talking about blogs and Internet and computers and technology and what not! Ha, ha. And you forget to mention a key reader: Googlebots. They are the ones who really help other readers find your pages in the Inetrnet. I think you should thank them. Remember what I told you yesterday, your PageRank is 5? LOL

Zade said...

I spent most of the time wondering who actually takes the time to go through my blogs too! but then I console myself with the thought I never did start bloggin to have readers but just to exercise my freedom of it helps! pheri waihat guff lekda readers khojnu pani over expectation jasto lagcha..anyways tapain ko ta its always a ride on the safe side. N good to know the Blog connection :) ..the blogstats in wordpress is also a great help to track down all the weird internet searches ppl make and land in my "chest hairs!!""lol..its fun!

sbs said...

Sometimes, I too read your blogs. Thanks for info on sitemeter.

Rosha said...

Hey! ma pani ta padhchhu ni tapain ko blgo..mero barema ta mention nai garnu bha chhaina..k ho have begun having jaundice eye on me??haha kidding but i do read ur blog regularly.

Pashupati said...

HI deepak jee
I used to read your blog. Your picture looks familiar for me. I don't know if you know me or we met somewhere.
Anyway keep on writing.
good luck


Deepak Adhikari said...

Millions of thanks,MP, SAYNA, Uzz,Dinesh, Zade,SBS, Rosha and Pashupatiji.
I am grateful to ur kindness and fraternity!

Don't you guys think that one chersihed regular reader (ie my X gf) has yet to reiterate her affection towards my endeavour? Hey, where r u?

Anonymous said...

I m alive-n-kicking here in my den ;fumbling with the sweet memories.
I thought you dont expect my comment ,thats why i dint bother otherwise, why wouldn't I ? after all ,I was the first reader of this particular blog as usual.

Anonymous said...

me too your READER.........Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I know this X gf...hehe...