Saturday, October 21, 2006

On the High and Low

First a quick update on myself. Last week had been extremely hectic. But, now I'm free at last. Wrote a piece for OhmyNews International on Nepali writer Manjushree Thapa whose story collection Tilled Earth is coming out on March/April 2007. My interview with journalism teacher Dharma Adhikari has been published in Missouri School of Journalism website.

Updates aside, Tihar is knocking at the doors. Here is one confession: of late, festivals no longer fascinate me. These days, I'm living alone. This solitary life has been a blessing in disguise for me. I hadn't discovered this side of solitude. It gives you space and freedom. I can do whatever I like in my own idiosyncratic way.

In the morning, I often wake up with the sound of the blast of firecrackers with an eerie echo of Maoist bomb blasts. But, I hope peace prevails. One of my works which I undertook diligently has seen the fruition. Youth Expression Project's translation of youngsters' voices has come out which is why I was busy assisting for the publicity of the book and documentary.

Last night was spent on the high. Our editor at Nepal Magazine threw a party for Nepal Team at Kumari Cafe, Putalisadak. I even left my motorbike at the parking and walked home with Ishwari at 10:30 pm. As I reached home, the gate was closed and it turned out to be a tough thing to wake my neigbours up. Nevertheless, the old grandmother who often asks my well-being opened the door while the young chaps of the apartment were fast asleep.

I write these lines with hangover of yesterday's uncountable pegs of whiskey. I hope this hangover soon gets over. Finally, giving up the plan to go short trekking with Devendra, I am celebrating Tihar at my sister's at Jorpati. Happy Dipawali!


Rezwan said...

Congrats. Happy Diwali to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to get another fresh piece from Deepak g in blog site!

Deepak Adhikari said...

Thanks for the comments Rezwan and the anonymous fella!