Monday, July 10, 2006

Letter From Kathmandu

Note: This is an email by my long time friend Keshav Thapa sent to Sudeep Rajbhandari who works at McDonalds in Dubai. We spent a couple of years together in that Arabian oasis. After a year's hiatus Keshav is back in e-world. Attributing to my brooding nature, I was nicknamed Darshanik by Prem (note the bold name below) while I was with them. But,later reading the likes of Derrida, Foucault and Freud in my MA class, I discovered how wrong they were (and probably I also).I hope it gives a bird's point of view of life at home and abroad.

Dear Sudeep (So Deep?),
It's a pleasure for me to have you again in my contact list. Now, I realize it could have happened long before had I not been so lazy to surf the net. Actually, we remained out of communication for a long period as if we belong to Stone Age, isn't it? Anyway, all this is my fault. I became so lazy and dumb that such a long time wasted in vain. My other friends from abroad also complain me for being such rude (rude?) when they come to Nepal for their vacations. But forget those things now. Now I have decided to maintain proper communications with my beloveds. And I hope same thing shall happen from your side as well.

Moreover, it's nice to hear from you that you all guys are keeping well there in Bideshi Bhumi. Sorry! I forgot. UAE is no more Bideshi Bhumi for you guys now. Rather Nepal is Bidesh and we poor Nepalese are Bidheshi...................... Just kidding yaar! By the way you didn't write me in which store of McDonald's you are these days? Are you still in the Dubai Airport? I miss Prem Gurung also a lot. He is such a jolly guy with a very good sense of humor. It's been long time I'm not in contact with those old friends like Nilendra, Pravin, Achyut and almost all, poor me!! Could you please send me the IDs of all those guys if possible from your Contact List? Darshanik Deepak is the only guy with whom I can share my feelings of those days spent with you all in Dubai.

I know that you have been keeping yourself updated about the happenings here in Nepal, I'd like to share something about latest developments taking place here. Talking about politics in Nepal, I think it's a high time for both the Maoists and Political Parties to establish long lasting peace and move the country into the path of progress and prosperity. They have got a very good opportunity this time to implement their political manifesto through multiparty democracy. I guess, you might have known Maoists have already agreed to accept Multi-Party Democracy to come into the mainstream politics. Their main demand of SAMBHIDHAN SABHA (Constituent Assembly) has been accepted by the present 7 party government which will declare the date for the election of Constituent Assembly. It is believed that Maoist will either head or take part in that government. That election will decide what will be the position of Gyanendra. More than 95% of Nepalese people are in favor of throwing out Gyanendra and his family from throne which could be reflected in the forth coming election. If Gyanendra does not become able to bounce back and if parties and Maoist do not show any sympathy towards him, it's almost sure that monarchy will no longer remain in Nepal. This is a very crucial time for us to be very careful against Gyanendra's move towards the new political scenario because he has not yet been ousted only his political rights have been taken away. You might have read that 5 of the last Shahi government's ministers have been taken into custody. They were Kamal Thapa, Tanka Dhakal, Shirish S. Rana, Niksha S Rana and Ramesh Nath Pandey. But the Supreme Court released all of them. All the chiefs of security wings have been suspended except of that Army.

The Proclamation of Parliament-2063 has announced so many progressive moves that if our leaders remain honest the nation and its people will remain sovereign forever. Girija was chosen for the PM's post both by Deuba and Madhav Nepal unanimously. It was not a big issue for them. The dialogue with Maoist will begin soon. Final negotiation will be held between Girija and Prachanda in Kathmandu after the first phase of meeting with Maoist leaders Krishna Bahadur Mahara and others is held. Now they are in the capital for that purpose. If the dialogue this time does not come to a positive end it would be very unfortunate for Nepal and Nepalese for long more years. But let's hope for the best. Now there is a million dollar question with everyone these days in Nepal. "Will Nepal become a republic country?" Only time will tell its answer.

Finally, you take care of yourself and please keep in touch. Keep mailing me. Convey my regards to all the friends who know me. Bye bye......................

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