Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome Back, UWB!

I would not say its a rearrival. We were here to fight for the freedom, political as well as media freedom. United We Blog is back in the blogosphere after a brief hiatus. It has got a pleasant kind of facelift. UWB is, I would say, the mother of all Nepali blogs. I reiterated with Ujjwal that no matter what, it should be revived. Dinesh was surprised to receive numerous mails. He said: "No other blogs can match UWB's influences."

This morning as I relayed the info of UWB hitting the blogosphere to Dinesh (coincidently, I was the first to inform about its hacking), he was enthralled. He assured me that it will not be disturbed easily in coming days. In fact, I was planning to write a piece in Nepal Magazine regarding its hacking. But thankfully, the bitter news is over. Here, I would like to reproduce few lines from UWB:

United We Blog! is going through pretty rough time. After more than a year of running blogs, we are blaming ourselves for not being computer geeks and able to quash repeated hacking of the site. We hope to be back on our own server as soon as we setup a secure website.

We were downed again, barely 19 hours after resuming blogging on Feb 8. The mad person also wiped out contents of DW’s personal web site Wagle’s Web World. UWB has moved to WordPress’s server for now. We hope to continue blogging here until we set up a secure web site on our own.

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