Saturday, February 04, 2006

Reporting Blues

I was assigned to do a light story on Shirting and Suiting business in Kathmandu. This is another male phenomenon where other half of humanity seems a big no-no. But, interestingly, these tailors are trailing the working ladies as their potential customers. Though, I have done such stories earlier, I found it a bit boring this time. I was greeted with a luck warm response initially, for most of the tradesmen thought I was another marketing person collecting advertisements. When I uttered a polite no, they were eager to speak to me. They seemed to be fed up with those guys who are only after ads. No reporter seems to have ever knocked at their doors.

However, this is not the first time I am facing this problem. A few months back when I did a story on male grooming, an agent of newly launched male cream denied meeting me. After a lengthy explanation, he finally agreed to meet me, but I should not ask for an ad. In one instance, two tailoring entrepreneurs argued on a trifle issue. One said: Its because of my ads, you guys are getting business. The other retorted: Hey, what do you think? We don't have our own identity? They, for a while, lost their temper and also forgot that a media man was with them hearing their harangue. Other hacks must be having similar experiences, I guess.

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