Monday, February 20, 2006

Democracy Day: Mourning or Celebration?

As usual, today we celebrated Democracy Day. Or, Should I say mourn its death for a year now. The so-called democracy imported from Delhi bestowed by Indian side in this very day of 2007 BC was a sham. The so-called tripartite agreement between king, India and Ranas, in retrospect, was an utter failure.

The People's Movement of 1990 is another case in point. We were too happy to realize its flipside. We Nepalis tend to be happy in small things and celebrate it as a big victory. We were not critical of yet another almost similar agreement in the spring of 1990. This short-sightedness, this desire to be a part of history has sunk us deep into the instability.

Yesterday, king in his usual oblique way, 'urged' (if that's the right word) the parties for reconciliation. His stubbornness, anyone would believe, is the obstacle for restoration of democracy. He is not willing to give up his power, but that's, I am afraid, is the need of hour. So, instead of basking in the glory of Falgun 7 or Chait 26, let us create a history. And, at the same time we must be critical with our acievements.Or else, it will be another glorious date in the calendar of history.

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