Saturday, January 07, 2006

Nepali Bloggers Making Mark

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I was privately thinking about starting my own blog. I was cocksure that I am the only one. But, as I logged into I discovered, to my utter surprise, many a soul desperate to be heard over this virtual world. I shared my interest with Ujjwal, co-founder of United We Blog! that gave me the platform (Thank you Dinesh and Ujjwal). He confided me that he has his own site, The Radiant Star, a Nepali version of Global Voices where he makes a daily round on Nepali bloggers. But I didn't quite like the idea of dragging (if that is the right word) his better half over the blogosphere.

It was a pleasant surprise to know that my mate Nishchal Chapagain, also an innovative photographer, has started a photo blog. Similarly, after contributing to UWB a couple of times, our spiritual fellow Leelaraj Khatiwada has come up with a blog aptly titled Nirvana. But he rarely updates. I too am finding hard to maintain "a blog a day." It may keep my job away. Still, instead of keeping my diary at home, I found it thrilling to post it over here and let you people read. Happy reading!


Leelaraj Khatiwada said...

Dear Deepak,

Yes it is true, I rarely updates. Thats a great tyraz you identified. But I promise to be regularely update. I like your style too, I always do. Keep it up.

I have updated just today. Please check it.

Leela said...

Please check my new site:, I am trying regularly update here/ Leela