Friday, January 13, 2006

My knee pain and Sister Nirmala

You maybe baffled by these two seemingly incompatible topics. But, this is what is happening to me at the moment. Well, I am suffering from knee pain for a week or so. I want to see Doctor Chakra Raj Pande, renowned orthopedician, but somehow am unable to. I hope to fix an appointment on Sunday or Monday.

I was more than excited to meet and write a story on Sister Nirmala, the successor of late Mother Teresa, when I came to know that she's coming to Nepal, country of her birth. Today afternoon, as blogger friend Dinesh and I had tea together, he confided me that he is also following her. I told him that she is probably the most famous daughter Nepal has ever produced. She hails from Putali Bazar, Syangja (Hey, you got a role model to follow!). I enquired about her and was connected with Sister Leslie (associated with Assumption Church, Dhobighat) probably from South India. She told me she will try to fix an appointment.Almost a year ago, Kantipur Daily published her pic (she was wearing Bata sandals) with US president George Bush in White House. I wrote a piece for Ankhijhyal hailing her simplicity and service for poor.

Meanwhile, my brother calls me to inform that he could not find gas in the market. Since few days, gas is a rare commodity. Today morning, as he was cooking, the stove went dim and lo and behold, we were going to fast for the day. But, he sneaked into the room next door and came up with cooked stuffs. So, the day was done with. Over the line, I told him to fetch the gas cylinder by hook or by crook. He tells me the price has skyrocketed to one thousand rupees. I nodded a reluctant go ahead.

Sister Nirmala's flight from Jhapa was cancelled. She may come to Kathmandu by micro bus or may straight go to Pokhara where she's inaugurating a missionary service. Dixi.

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