Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Miscreant and Misuse

Today was an eventful day at office. As I returned to my cubicle from computer room, I found a dusky guy seated in my chair. His pal (an acquaintance of me) wanted to see me. I was a bit busy. Our office, of late, has become hellishly messy; scattered newspapers, unwanted movements of visitors are everyday scenes. It seems that each one is occupied with his/her own stuffs. 'Who cares?' attitude is prevalent here which is very bad and unhelpful for office's stressed milieu.

The guy at my chair turned out to be the most absent-minded person I've ever seen. After he vanished from our office, I desperately searched for my bag. But there was another bag replacing it. My brief search discovered that he took my bag instead of his own. Later, he called me up to inform. I waited for half an hour, was trifle panicky. But surprisingly, he was not apologetic. Instead, he said that the incident resulted in our introduction. Hey, what kinda chap he is? I was reluctant to talk to him.Then, I hastily bade goodbye.

In another bizarre incident, a middle aged man barged into our office, went straight to our assistant editor's chamber and submitted an article. Then, he asked if he can photocopy it. As he got the 'yes,' he rushed to the photocopy machine. He was taking long time. I noticed a tad later that he was photocopying his personal documents. I informed our assistant editor about the misuse and he rushed to the photocopy machine and requested him to stop photocopying his things. But shamelessly, he was arguing that it was 'only some little extra copies.' You see how some people are cunningly selfish and make their own rules. His crookedness and dishonesty was at par!

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