Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kathmandu Curfew: A Day After

Cricket in Curfew: Kathmandu kids pose for pic (by Shaligram Tiwari) amidst curfew yesterday.

Reporter's Notebook

Yesterday for me was one of the worst days. Like my journo colleagues, I find it hard to stay home idly. Unfortunately, I don't have my PC. So, gotta rely on office. Yesterday, I walked along with my neighbour to Anamnagar, behind the Singha Darbar, that is the administrative HQ of our country. The streets were empty; no vehicles plying. It seemed that everyone was following the decree ie to remain confined inside cozy homes. As we peeped through the vacant road at around 11 in the morning, few armymen stationed in the tower waved us to retrace back. Since I had no curfew pass, I decided to stay at home. I slept for almsot 6 hours. Yes, there was nothing much to do and a part of me was disappointed with this bizarre state of the state. In the evening, I ventured out to Maitidevi, where few protesters organized protests. Few were arrested. I was going through a sort of incommunicado for the whole day. As my mobile is dead (like a year ago), I could not make any contacts.

Saturday being a holiday is usually languorous day. But, today there was unprecedented flow of people. City was back to its life after being crippled by diurnal curfew. However, the night curfew is still prevalent. Today afternoon, seven party alliances orgazined a mass meet at Basantapur. In that mass meet, according to Kantipur TV reporter Deepak Bhattarai, police arrested more than a hundred leaders and activists. They are taken to custody in police vans. The state has again supressed the demos.

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